What are the best compost worms?

compost worms in worm bin
compost worms in worm bin

Suppliers of worm boxes swear by a mix of Eisinia Fetida and the Eisinia Hortensis for a quick conversion of many organic waste to vermicompost. (source: http://www.duurzametuinartikelen.nl/wormen-voor-een-wormenbak)


We also recommend this mix for the Balkonton. Especially because the Eisinia Hortensis not only converts plant material into compost, but also contributes to improving the soil structure in your Balkonton. (source: http://www.gardentowerproject.com/resources/worms).

On the internet, various sources contradict each other when it comes to the sensitivity of the two breeds mentioned. Our approach is: start with the mix,and see which of the two does best in your Balkonton.

Possibly supplemented with some normal‘earthworms’for extra soil structure improvement.


For more information about composting, see the knowledge base


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