Make your own compost with a Balkonton , even in the city!

A Balkonton is always and everywhere!

A Balkonton is a small compost bin with compost worms. It takes up little space and does not smell. You can use it indoors or outdoors. So you don’t have to have a balcony for a Balkonton . You can also make your own compost with a Balkonton on a roof terrace, in the kitchen, your city garden or on your patio. This is simple and odorless. Compost worms eat uncooked fruit and vegetable scraps. Alternating with increasingly carbon-rich waste such as cardboard, sawdust or dead leaves. Plus, they love coffee grounds. The compost worms in the Balkonton speed up the composting process, and also immediately improve the quality of your compost. There are different types of worm towers in which compost worms get to work with your waste quickly and in a controlled manner.


Hi, I’m Ireen, founder/owner of Balkonton . You can always make an appointment to come and see the different wurm composter at my home in Amsterdam Noord. Shipping is done by the worm breeder in Drenthe, so pick up in Amsterdam is not possible. Do you have questions that are not in the FAQ ? Call me during office hours, I’ll be happy to help you +3138553833 .

Irene with balcony barrel

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do compost worms eat?

Illustration yellow wormCompost worms eat a mix of carbon-rich (brown) and nitrogen-rich (green) waste. Do not give your worms ‘red’ waste (see red block below).
Make sure to alternate between ‘brown’ and ‘green’ waste. This is important for the moisture balance and for the acidity.

Brown, high in carbon
Cardboard, paper, shredded prunings, sawdust, dead leaves, straw, hay, corn on the cob.

Green, high in nitrogen:
Uncooked garden and kitchen waste, potato peelings, fruit and vegetable residues, banana peels (preferably from organic bananas), manure from small herbivores such as a guinea pig or rabbit, remains from vegetable and ornamental gardens, pruning waste (green), coffee grounds.

Red, never give the worms any of the following.
Cooked vegetable and fruit remains, pasta, bread, meat, bones etc (attracts vermin), Cut flowers (lots of poison). Go easy on the onion, garlic, chiles and avoid citrus peels. And with all the green waste that is clearly contaminated with fungi or diseases.

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“I requested (and received) the black Balkonton with plant lid for my birthday. I am very happy with it and I think the worms are enjoying themselves too!”

Jessica about the round wurm composter

“I have had the Balkonton wurm composter bin since the beginning of 2019 and have already saved a lot of waste with it and made worms happy! I am also very happy with the advice and help from Ireen when things go wrong, she always responds very quickly with practical tips. And last but not least: my plants are also happy with the compost balcony barrel!”

Sandra via Facebook review

“We have purchased the round Balkonton wurm composter bin and are very satisfied. Even though we expanded after 3 months with an extra plant ring. But with a family of 5 we also eat quite a lot of vegetables.”

Hans about the round wurm composter

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In addition to Balkonton worm composter sells ‘smart’ compost barrels, planters, green walls, compost worms and soil improvers.