Eisinia Fetida versus Eisinia Hortensis

Eisinia fetida en Eisinia hortensisOn the Internet and in the literature you will find a lot of (sometimes contradictory) information about two different types of compost worms: the Eisinia Fetida and the Eisinia Hortensis. In this table I try to get all the information in a row. Will you help me to separate the wheat from the chaff and make the overview complete and accurate?

Eisinia Fetida Eisinia Hortensis Source
Alternative names: Please note, often the names are used interchangeably and used incorrectly. That is why we all talk about the E.Fetida and the E.Hortensis. Those are the official names.
  • Tiger worm
  • Red Wiggler
  • Manure worm
  • Compost worm
  • Dendrobena Veneta
  • European nightcrawler
  • Springer
  • Fishworm
  • Manure worm
  • Compost worm
Appearance red, with rings brown-red, with rings http://www.redwormcomposting.com/worms/european-nightcrawlers-eisenia-hortensis/
Reproduction: number of eggs many eggs/young fewer eggs/young
Reproduction: time to adulthood short long
Sensitivity to temperature Sensitive Less sensitive
Ideal temperature 15 to 25 degrees
Sensitivity to acidity
Ideal acidity
Sensitivity to moisture
Ideal humidity level
Amount of waste converted into compost
Behavior Remains mainly in the worm house Likes to explore and also through the earth in the Balkonton
Food Preference for carbon-rich foods (coffee grounds!)
‘place to live’ Just below foliage or waste layer Under the waste layer, but also crawls through the earth.



For all compost worms: They are very sensitive to light, and love peace. So leave them alone.

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