How much waste can compost worms convert per day?

The Eisinia Fetida can, under ideal conditions, convert approximately its own weight in waste per day into vermicompost. In addition, the volume of your waste shrinks to 20% of the waste volume. The Eisinia Hortensis eats a little less, but has other positive properties.

If you start your Balkonton with a handful of worms, you can also put a maximum of a handful of waste per day in your barrel. But it’s better to start with half. If your worm population grows, you can feed them more, but be careful not to give too much. Overfeeding is the biggest problem in worm composting.

The compost worms in the Balkonton Classic aim to keep the potting soil in your Balkonton well fed and airy. And occasionally (every 2 to 3 months) you can harvest some compost from the tube to refill your Balkonton and possibly fill some other pots. Do you really want to compost large amounts of waste? Then put a worm bin next to it.

NOTE: start slowly. do not overfeed your worms. As a rule of thumb: make sure that there is never more than 10 cm of waste above the worms.

Another rule of thumb: you need about 15 liters of worm hotel per person of your household. So the worm paradise (76 liters) should be enough for a family of 5 people. It also depends very much on how much vegetables you eat, how much cutting waste you have, whether it is inside or outside etc.

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