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Compost worms or tiger worms.
Mix of Eisenia fetida and Eisenia Hortensis
Fast delivery from the Netherlands. No shipping during extreme heat periods.

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Handleiding wormcomposteren

Praktische handleiding voor het opstarten en onderhouden van je wormenbak

12 paginas A4. Zwart-wit geprint op papier uit landbouwafval, full colour stevige cover.


Collection in Amsterdam is NOT possible.

How many compost worms do I need?

Balkonton Classic: 1/4 kilo

-Urbalive/Wormery/Round wormentors: 1/2 kilo

Aerobin 1/2 to 1 kilo

Shipping Compost Worms

Shipping to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Ordered before noon, shipped same day. Except at extremely high temperatures. Pickup in Amsterdam not possible.

You can NOT pick up the compost worms in Amsterdam. That is only the office address and the address where you can view the wurm composter by appointment. Shipping is from the worm farm in Drenthe.

Which worms are suitable as compost worms?

The compost worms you buy from us consist of a mix of Dendrobena Veneta (also known as Eisenia hortensis, springers, European nightcrawler) and Eisania Fetida (the tiger worm, red wiggler, or dung worm). Read more about the difference between Eisinia Fetida and Eisinia Hortensis

We also recommend this mix for the Balkonton Classic. Especially since the Eisinia Hortensis not only converts plant material into compost, but also helps improve the soil structure in your Balkonton. (source: http://www.gardentowerproject.com/resources/worms).

A compost worm is always an earthworm, but an earthworm is not always a compost worm.

Compost worms are litter worms. They aid in the digestion of the bedding such as dry leaves. You will therefore always find them on the surface, under or between leaves, or in manure and compost heaps. Within this group there are again different species. To make it easier, they have all kinds of different names and they are difficult to distinguish from each other. You can recognize them by their reddish brown color with yellow stripes. Hence the name tiger worm. The best known compost worms are the Eisinia Fetida and the Eisinia Hortensis. The compost worms you buy from Balkonton are a mix of these two compost worms.

In the Netherlands there are 25 to 50 species of earthworms. It’s kind of a collective name. You can divide them into three main groups:

  • Litterworms
  • earthworms
  • Deep excavators or commuters

The somewhat gray light brown worm that you encounter everywhere when you stick a shovel in the (healthy) soil and let it vibrate, we call the ‘common gray worms’ or ‘porrectodea calliginosa’. It digests less waste, and lives in the soil and not in the litter. It is very important for healthy soil. For he digs tunnels and pulls the waste and droppings of the litter worms deeper into the ground. Up to about 40 cm. It can survive in the worm bin but does not really contribute much to composting. In the Balkonton Classic, he is useful, though. The somewhat purplish worm you find in the soil everywhere in healthy gardens is a shuttle worm that digs deep burrows down to the groundwater. This ‘Lubricus terrestris’ is also called ‘common earthworm’. The tunnels this worm digs are perfect tunnels for the growth, aeration and watering of the plant roots. These deep diggers obviously have nothing to do with your worm bin. In nature, though, they are super important.

All these earthworms have an important function in a healthy ecosystem. Unfortunately, you come across them less and less due to over-fertilization and the use of toxins. That is why it is so important that we switch to circular agriculture for greater biodiversity. Support farmers in the switch and buy organic as much as possible. With this you not only help the farmers but also the worms! And ultimately the entire cycle that depends on it.

Preserving compost worms

Our worms are shipped in an ample amount of breeding soil. You can store them just fine.

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