When is the best time to start a worm hotel?

When is the best time to start a worm hotel

In the spring you can finally go into the garden. And at that point, I also see a spike in worm bin orders every year. Because at that moment, most people think that they need compost. That’s actually quite a shame. Because how useful would it be if your compost was ready at that time?… Continue reading When is the best time to start a worm hotel?

Worm hotel expo at the Hortus

Wormenhotel bij de Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

This summer you can check out most of Balkonton ‘s worm bins at the Hortus Botanicus store in Amsterdam. So the worm composter Expo at my home/office in Amsterdam North is temporarily closed. Only if you would like to see the Aerobin or the Wormbag can you do so here in North. To do so,… Continue reading Worm hotel expo at the Hortus

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Worms Workshops in May

wormen naar boven halen met een regendansje

in May 2023, you can attend a children’s workshop on compost worms at both the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam and the Zonneplein in Amsterdam Noord.

Separate parts for the round worm composter

loose tap round worm composter

Is your wheel or tap broken? Or your lid blown away? In the webshop you can now also buy individual parts for the round worm composter. TIP: in high winds or storms, place a stone on the lid to prevent it from being blown away

Refurbishment for the garden

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy bees

This autumn I’m going to tackle a piece in the garden where my plants are clearly struggling to keep their heads above water. Apart from grass, little wants to grow, and what I have planted has largely been eaten away by the snails, caterpillars and I know a lot. Above you can see what I… Continue reading Refurbishment for the garden

Wooden worm composter

Wooden base worm bin in kitchen

Wooden worm composterare popular because of their beautiful natural appearance. Not all wooden worm compostercan be placed outside, especially without additional protection

Whether or not to buy a worm bin (re)starter kit

worm bin boot package

The (re)starter package contains hemp mats, lava flour, worm feed and growing soil. You especially need the growing soil if your worms have had a hard time (hot summer or extremely cold winter, or little food during your holiday). You can also use the worm food if your worms need to recover or if you… Continue reading Whether or not to buy a worm bin (re)starter kit


What is mulching? Mulching is covering the earth with material. At first, you do it to prevent dehydration. You can use anything for this. From pebbles to dry leaves. Why mulch? Your mulch layer protects the earth from the sun’s radiation and prevents evaporation. So you save water and protect your plants from drying out.… Continue reading Mulching?

Catching compost worms

compost worms in worm bin

I’m currently experimenting with ways to catch tiger worms (or compost worms) myself. Of course you can just buy them, but catching them yourself seemed like a nice idea. Here is the first report of my progress. I would love to hear your experiences and tips! The goal is to collect the best tips. On… Continue reading Catching compost worms

The benefits of worm droppings or vermicompost

bag of free worm poop

The compost worms in your Balkonton or worm bin digest your organic waste. What remains is ‘vermicompost’. A mixture of worm droppings, fungi, bacteria, and organic matter. This worm droppings can be used as fertilizer. Worm compost has many advantages over other fertilizers. To name a few: 1: Your plants grow faster Worm droppings contain… Continue reading The benefits of worm droppings or vermicompost

How much waste can compost worms convert per day?

The Eisinia Fetida can, under ideal conditions, convert approximately its own weight in waste per day into vermicompost. In addition, the volume of your waste shrinks to 20% of the waste volume. The Eisinia Hortensis eats a little less, but has other positive properties. If you start your Balkonton with a handful of worms, you… Continue reading How much waste can compost worms convert per day?

What are the best compost worms?

compost worms in worm bin

Suppliers of worm boxes swear by a mix of Eisinia Fetida and the Eisinia Hortensis for a quick conversion of many organic waste to vermicompost. (source: http://www.duurzametuinartikelen.nl/wormen-voor-een-wormenbak)   We also recommend this mix for the Balkonton. Especially because the Eisinia Hortensis not only converts plant material into compost, but also contributes to improving the soil… Continue reading What are the best compost worms?

What is the difference between earthworms and compost worms

Wat is het verschil tussen een regenworm en een compostworm

Sometimes the name earthworm is used as a collective name for all kinds of worm species. But usually this means the gray worm or Aporrectodea calliginosa. Grey worms are soil dwellers. They eat themselves through the soil and that is good for the soil structure. In the Netherlands, this is the most common worm. They… Continue reading What is the difference between earthworms and compost worms

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