Help: The worms crawl through the bin and do not stay in the compost

This is especially common if you have just installed a new worm bin and is not a cause for concern. During the first 2 to 4 weeks, your worms are still getting used to it. They will investigate and can also try to crawl out of the box. But they will certainly explore everywhere IN the bin.

You can prevent this with the following tips:

  • If your worm bin is inside, leave a lamp on above your worm bin at night for the first 2 weeks. Worms do not like light and in any case stay IN the container.
  • Make sure that your worm bin is not in full sun in the summer. And that the soil in the container is nice and moist. If necessary, add some water in the beginning until you reach the humidity level of a squeezed sponge.

Important: Leave your worms alone! If they’re somewhere in the bin where there’s no food, they’re just not hungry. They smell where the food is and crawl to it on their own.

So it is no problem if your worms crawl everywhere through the container. They tend to crawl down. With the Urbalive and the Wormery, the mat prevents them from falling into the moisture. With the round worm box, the elevation in the drip tray forms a kind of worm step, so that they can easily crawl back when they are hungry. So leave them alone.

The fleece cloth of the wormery decays over time, but then your worms are settled.

Dead worms that are in the worm tea were probably already in bad state and died for that reason. Remove them to prevent stench and mites (although mites in themselves can’t hurt).

Only when they really try to flee from the bin en masse or when the bin stinks is something wrong.

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