Whether or not to buy a worm bin (re)starter kit

worm bin boot package
worm bin boot package

The (re)starter package contains hemp mats, lava flour, worm feed and growing soil. You especially need the growing soil if your worms have had a hard time (hot summer or extremely cold winter, or little food during your holiday). You can also use the worm food if your worms need to recover or if you ask the neighbors to feed your worms in case of longer absence.

Cover the top layer of waste with a hemp mat against the fruit flies. You can also use an old tea towel for this. When starting up your container, you can use a hemp mat as a bottom layer (bedding). This is also possible with torn cardboard

The lava flour is good for acidity and also helps against fruit stalches. Sprinkle 1 to 2 tablespoons over the container every month. You can also use dried and finely ground eggshells for that.

The starter package is therefore not necessarily necessary, but useful in the longer term.

Note: some suppliers of worm bins supply coconut fibre to start up the worm bin. Instead, we supply the cultivation soil as the first bedding. After our own tests, it appears that the worms give a better start than the coconut fiber.

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