Wooden worm boxes

Wooden base worm bin in kitchen
Wooden base worm bin in kitchen

If you want to compost with compost worms yourself, you can choose from many different worm bins or worm hotels. Most worm bins are made of plastic. But there are also a few wooden worm hotels for sale.

Compare wooden worm box, worm stool or worm hotel.

The wooden worm crate is a simple worm box that you can also use as a worm stool. You can expand it with an attachment crate for more capacity.

The worm hotel is a stackable worm tower that takes up a little less floor space and goes up more. You can stack 2 to 4 bins on top of each other.

The following questions are often asked about wooden worm hotels

At Balkonton you buy the following wooden worm hotels or worm bins

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