Wooden worm composter

Wooden base worm bin in kitchen
Wooden base worm bin in kitchen

Buy wooden worm composter

Are you considering buying a wooden worm composter?

If you want to compost yourself with compost worms, you have a lot of different worm composteror worm composterto choose from. Most worm composterare made of plastic. But there are also a few wooden worm composterfor sale.

Natural look

Many people like a wooden worm composter because it has a natural look. Especially if you have the wooden worm composter inside or on your balcony you just want it to look nice

A wooden worm composter breathes

If you choose untreated wood, or treat the wood with a water-based stain, this material can breathe. That means better natural moisture balance in your worm composter. Fine for your worms, and also good for the quality of your compot. Because a wet worm composter is more likely to cause acidification.

A wooden worm composter is more likely to decay than a plastic worm composter, though

Eventually, any type of wood will also decay or compost. But you can slow that down by choosing a hard or treated type of wood. Whether or not combined with a surface treatment.

Wooden worm composter or worm composter compare.

Wooden worm crate

The wooden worm composter is a simple worm crate that you can also use as a children’s stool. You can expand it with an add-on crate for more capacity. But if you’re looking for a larger wooden worm composter, the worm farm is easier to use than the stool with set-up crate because the set-up crate cannot move down when you empty the base crate. So you have to keep changing the contents. The stool is especially suitable in its basic version: as a small worm bin with horizontal composting. All you have to do is screw the legs underneath.

Wooden wormentors

The worm composter is a stackable worm tower that takes up a little less floor space and more height. You can stack 2 to 4 bins on top of each other. It comes ready-to-use. The basic version (with 2 layers) is sturdy enough to use as a stool. THE extension version (with 3 layers) is a bit high and narrow for that.

Wooden worm farm

The worm farm is made entirely of recycled materials. The wood is thermally treated, giving it a longer life. Like the worm crate, the worm farm works with horizontal composting

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