Workshop “Make your own Balkonton” will no longer be held.

wormenbak maken workshop
wormenbak maken workshop

I am regularly asked when there will be anotherBalkonton MakingBalkonton ” workshop. Unfortunately, I must then reply that I no longer teach this workshop. It was always a lot of fun and inspiring to do. But I quit anyway. It often took me 2 days to pack all the tools and materials, transport them, conduct the workshop, and then neatly store all the tools back in the workshop. In those 2 days I can make the workshop about 16 Balkonton. While the participants (often 6 or so people whom I had recruited with a great deal of effort) naturally expected a homemade Balkonton to be cheaper than a ready-made one.

In addition, not everyone has the dexterity to achieve a beautiful end result. This in turn leads to frustration on the part of the participant as well as myself.

ON youtube you can see how the GardenBarrel is made. With that instruction, you should be able to get started on your own

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