Can I still go on holiday if I have a worm bin?

You can easily leave your worms alone for a week or 2 in the summer. If you are going away longer, ask a good neighbor to feed something 1 time a week. What you really shouldn’t do is add a supply of food for several weeks in one go. That will stink and scare away your worms. In winter, you can leave a worm bin that is outside to its fate for longer. Composting is then less rapid.

In the summer, you can ask your neighbors to feed your worms 1 time a week. You make this easier by having worm food in the house.

In all cases, make sure that your worm bin, in case you go away longer, is well filled with compost or growing soil. So wait to empty your worm bin until you’re back from vacation. In this way, the worms also have the compost they make themselves to rumination.

Breeding soil consists of worm compost mixed with worm feed. With a fresh container full of growing soil, your worms can move forward 2 to 3 weeks.

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