Lava flour helps fight horsemotter and improve soil

fighting horseauce in garden with lava flour
heermoes in tuin bestrijden met lavameel
heermoes in tuin bestrijden met lavameel

Horseausaus is a signal plant

Many gardens have been full of horsesaus for a few weeks now. A plant that is difficult to remove: if you pull it out, the deep root remains from where the plant continues to grow.

Horseaus is a plant that does very well on soil with a mineral-poor top layer. The deep roots are able to bring up minerals from deeper layers. So use the horseaus that you pull loose to mulch (cover the bottom). That way you add minerals to the top soil layer.

Purify contaminated soil with the help of plants.

Note: If you have a garden on contaminated soil, you should NOT mulch it. The horseausaude will also take heavy metals from the soil upwards. So throw it away! With heavily contaminated soil, you should even dump it in the chemical waste. This process is called Phytoremediation and is used, for example, when cleaning dikes made from contaminated sludge.

Lava flour: the ideal source of minerals

A clean, mineral-poor soil can therefore be slowly improved by removing the horsesaus every year and mulching it. But with the help of lava flour, it goes faster. In addition, lava flour contains many more different minerals than are probably in your horseaus. Please note: the horseausaude will not disappear like snow in the sun. It will also take a few years in this way before you really have a completely healthy mineral-rich soil.

Lava flour improves the structure of your soil

Lava flour also improves the structure of the soil. Together with organic matter from, for example, compost or worm droppings, lava flour ensures a good granular soil structure. As a result, clay soil becomes rougher and allows the water to pass through better. Sandy soil can retain nutrients and water better and peat soil is stabilized against degradation.

Lava flour protects against pests and mold

If you sprinkle lava flour over wet leaves of infected plants, it forms a protective layer against pests such as snails and lice and repels fungus.

What is Lava Flour?

Lava flour is finely ground volcanic rock. It is rich in silicon in well-absorbable form for plants. Silicon increases the resistance of the crop and to drought, diseases and pests. In addition to Silicon, it contains 83 other minerals that together improve the fertility and health of your soil.

How to use Lava Flour?

Lava flour, like lime, can be sprinkled over the garden and lawn. Best after noon on a rainy/cloudy day, this to prevent burning on leaves. After the lava flour donation, worm manure can be added or water so that the lava flour does not blow away. The lava flour does not have to be worked in. If you have sandy soil, mix your lava flour with worm manure and spread it throughout your garden.

Where to buy lava flour?

Buy your lava flour and other natural soil improvers in the Balkonton webshop.

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