Where to buy compost worms?

You can buy your compost worms through our webshop.

Order them through our webshop. Then you get a mix of Eisinia Fetida and Eisinia Hortensis teo-controlled. About 200 grams is more than enough to start your Balkonton. For a larger worm bin, choose a portion of 500 grams.

If you order a worm bin from Balkonton, you can have the compost worms shipped immediately. That saves you the shipping costs for the compost worms. Take a look at our worm bins assoriment and see which worm hotel suits you best

Find compost worms yourself

You don’t have to buy compost worms, you can just find them. In manure heaps and on compost heaps. Look for the thin red worms. But buying is of course easier. At fish shops they often sell ‘springers’, either Eisinia Hortensis or Dendrobena Veneta. These are suitable for your worm box, but you would rather have the real tiger worm or ‘Eisinia Feitida’ in between.

Read more about compost worms in the knowledge base

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