Urbalive worm compost bin

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This Urbalive is an asset to your kitchen. If you put it outside, first give the legs a coat of paint. And keep it out of the rain because the wooden handle is placed in a ‘pit’ in the lid.

  • Capacity 42 litres, for 1 to 3 people.
  • Expandable with extra compost bin for more capacity.
  • Size L: 50,5 x W: 38 x H 60,5 cm.


(re)starter package Urbalive

For a good start of your worm bin:

  • 2 Hemp mats
  • 20 litres breeding ground for worms
  • 1 litre lava flour
  • 1 kg Worm feed

Please note: the starter pack does NOT contain compost worms.

Half a kilo of compost worms

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Make compost from your own kitchen waste in this award- winning Urbalive worm compost bin

The worms in the Urbalive turn your uncooked fruit and vegetables into valuable compost. Don’t forget to regularly add cardboard or other carbon-rich material.

With the tap you drain the worm percolate or the worm tea. It takes a while for this process to get going, but then you also have a first-class plant food.

You can read much more about the ins and outs of worm composting with this Urbalive worm compost bin on the FAQ page .

You can also compost indoors with our other worm towers. Because worm compost does not stink but smells like forest soil. But this Urbalive is the most beautiful container we sell.

Can you really use a worm compost bin indoors?

People often wonder whether the worms will remain in the Urbalive. The counter-question then is: why would they want to leave? Worms like moist dark spaces. And in your Urbalive worm compost bin it is exactly how they like it, moist, dark and with enough food available. Only in the first 2 weeks they are sometimes a bit uncomfortable and looking. Therefore, have a bright lamp burn above the Urbalive for the first 2 weeks. The worms do not like light and therefore remain inside the design worm composter .

What is the capacity of the Urbalive?

Because the surface of this Urbalive is quite large, the capacity can be compared with the capacity of a round worm tower with 4 compost rings. With average use, this Urbalive is therefore suitable for a family of 3 to 5 people. The capacity can be expanded with an extra third layer.


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Anthracite, Lime, Ivory


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