Worm droppings

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Don’t have a worm bin to make your own worm compost? Then you can also buy ready-made worm poop.

15 kg (35 liters) of top worm compost in a bag.

How much worm poop do you need?

Count on 1 to 10 liters per m2 for a vegetable garden, and 1 to 5 liters per m2 for an ornamental garden. Depending on the quality of the soil.

Worm droppings are the ideal soil improver and soil improver, see also the article in the FAQ.

Worm droppings in Bigbag

BigBags are delivered free of charge on pallets in the Netherlands. For Belgium there is a storage of €20,- per pallet.


Handleiding wormcomposteren

Praktische handleiding voor het opstarten en onderhouden van je wormenbak

12 paginas A4. Zwart-wit geprint op papier uit landbouwafval, full colour stevige cover.

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Worm droppings have many advantages over fertilizer or normal compost.

The 7 benefits of worm manure or worm poop

1: Your plants grow faster

Worm compost contains traces of the natural hormones of your compost worms. These hormones promote the growth process of your plants, and are not present in fertilizer.

2: Your plants are healthier

Plants that are fertilized with worm manure appear to be less susceptible to fungi and diseases. This is due to the microorganisms in the vermicompost.

3: Groundwater is not polluted

Like fertilizer, vermicompost contains the important minerals N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K (Potassium). But in much lower doses. This is not a bad thing. When fertilizing with fertilizer, you add an extreme amount of NPK, most of which washes away into the groundwater. In worm droppings, the minerals are bound and are slowly released. This is much better and eventually the plants absorb more.

4: Vermicompost prevents dehydration

Vermicompost can hold 9 times its weight in water. This is a nice buffer for dry periods.

5: Vermicompost promotes germination and root growth

The enzymes and hormones in the worm droppings ensure that seeds germinate more easily and roots grow faster and better.

6: pest control

Do you suffer from white flies or aphids? Plants fed with worm manure are less sensitive to these pests.

7: higher yield

In various studies, plants appear to give more yield after fertilization with vermicompost. No wonder worm manure has been very popular with home growers of weed for years. See also for research results: www.wur.nl

Make your own worm poop

Worm droppings are made in a worm bin. Check here what the best worm bin is for you.

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Weight 16 kg
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35 litres, Big Bag (1000 litres), 5 Big Bags (5000 litres)


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