Worm food

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You probably have a worm bin because you want to turn your waste into beautiful compost. In principle, special worm food is also not necessary at all. There are 2 times when it is useful:

  • If you go on vacation for more than 2 weeks and you ask your neighbors not only to water your plants but also to feed your worms. They only have to sprinkle a handful of worm food over your worms 1 time a week.
  • If you (restart) your worm bin with new worms. These worms are used to this worm food and will therefore feed themselves home faster and make a good start. Gradually you switch to cutting waste.

Give a small handful of worm food scattered around the tray. Do not give the worms more food than what they can eat in a few days. When the worms have completely eaten the food, you only give new worm food. When you see that the feed is going to mold, too much feed is given in 1 time or there is too much feed in 1 place. So before you go on holiday, test how much worm food your worms need per week.

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