How long can you store compost worms in the packaging?

compost worms in bag

You can easily store the compost worms for 2 weeks in the bag in which they are sent. They are packed in a large amount of growing soil. That is compost, bedding and nutrition for at least 2 weeks.

Make the contents of the bag of compost worms nice and moist

However, it is important to moisten this compost upon receipt. Think of the humidity of a squeezed sponge.

Start feeding your compost worms a bit

You can also add a handful of waste with cardboard every few days. That can then already start to decay so that the worms can eat it when the original food is finished.

Store your compost worms in a cool place

The colder it is, the less the compost worms eat. IN fish shops they store worms in the refrigerator for up to 2 months. The compost worms then go into a kind of hibernation.

Make sure you keep the bag out of the sun, preferably in a cool place. And make sure you close the bag properly when you have finished moistening and / or feeding. You can also put the worms in a bucket and close the bucket with a cloth.

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