Compost barrel / worm bin Aerobin 200

Small Worm composter or compost heap not an option?

Do you have more waste than a regular worm bin can handle? And no space (or time) for an ordinary compost heap? Or does the idea of a worm bin oppose you? Then you (in the city) quickly end up with a self-aerating compost container.

The self-aerating Aerobin 200 has a number of advantages over the standard compost barrels that you see in the garden center.

Advantage 1: You do not have to scoop or convert the compost.

Unfortunately, composting in an ordinary compost container often goes wrong because people are busy or forget to aerate the compost regularly: a prerequisite for fast and good composting. All our compost bins are designed in such a way that oxygen is supplied so that conversion is not necessary.

You can also use this compost container as a worm bin. Add compost worms to speed up the process and improve the quality of the compost.

Incidentally, you never have to convert compost with an ordinary worm bin. The worms do that job for your compost worms to love their rest.

Advantage 2: fast composting:

All three types have a system that supplies air and thus accelerates composting.

In addition, the aerobin200 and the supercomp models can be used as a regular compost bin and as a worm bin. The worms speed up the compost process even more and immediately improve the quality of the compost.

Advantage 3: Composting in winter

The aerobin is a double-walled compost container, which is why the composting process (and the worms) continues here even in winter.


Advantage 4: Sealed compost container for pests.

The aerobin200 beet is the best protection against pests.

The Aerobin200 has a sturdy bottom plate and the aeration holes are equipped with a filter. Optionally, you can place a tap on the drain hose so that all openings are closed.

The following applies to all compost barrels and compost heaps: rodents are mainly looking for a nesting place.

Advantage 5: This compost container can also be used on a balcony or roof terrace

The Aerobin200 has a solid bottom plate with a drain hose for the released moisture. You can drain this moisture and use it as a natural soiling.

Visit the Compost Garden and view this compost container

In my garden in Amsterdam north you can see this compost barrel, and all worm composters You are always welcome in the CompostTuin by appointment for personal and non-binding advice.

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