Aerobin 200

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The Aerobin can be used as a large worm composter or as a normal compost bin. Thermally insulated with automatic air supply.

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Half a kilo of compost worms

Handleiding Wormcomposteren

Praktische handleiding voor het opstarten en onderhouden van je wormenbak.
Alleen in het Nederlands.

12 pagina's zwart wit, cover full colour stevig papier. Kleurplaat op achterkant.
Gratis verzenden.

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Adequate air supply is vital for proper and rapid composting. At the heart of this compost bin is a so-called patented lung, which ensures that the composted mass is adequately aerated. So scooping over your compost bin is not necessary! If you are using it as a worm composter, scooping over is out of the question anyway. Worms like peace and quiet.

The Aerobin equipped with a drain point for collecting compost moisture. You can use that diluted with water as fertilizer again. Use a piece of garden hose to drain the moisture more easily.

This compost barrel is double-walled, and equipped with a thermometer. University tests show that the speed and quality of composting is particularly high.

Heat composting (with high temperatures) happens when you build the compost bin properly in one go. With the included thermometer, you can keep an eye on this process.

If instead you gradually fill the Aerobin layer by layer you will not get hot composting but cold composting. In that case, you can also add compost worms for faster composting and improving your compost quality. So then you use the Aerobin as an insulated worm composter.

This Aerobin has been added to the range to replace the Hungry Bin. Because the Aerobin is easier to use, has no risk of compost falling through, and is also thermally insulated.


Additional information


51 x 51 x 117 (l x w x h in cm)


200 liters


2 years


polypropylene + EPS

Collection of compost tea

Via drain hose in bottom


Soil is closed, so can be on paved surface.


Equipped with 1 compost thermometer with 1 plug/hole. Contrary to what the manual says, it does NOT include an additional plug for an additional second hole.


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