Composting in the city, is that possible?

In the meantime, most people know that you can easily compost your own organic waste with a worm bin. But what if you look up to a worm colony or just have more waste than a standard worm bin can handle? Is an ordinary compost heap or compost container suitable in the city?

Little space or afraid of pests?

A closed compost container is then a good solution. It keeps pests at bay and saves space. You can even just put some compost barrels on your balcony or roof terrace.

No time to regularly scoop or convert the compost?

Unfortunately, it often goes wrong because we are busy and therefore do not have time to aerate the compost regularly: a prerequisite for fast and good composting. All our compost bins are designed in such a way that oxygen is supplied automatically so that conversion is not necessary.

Do you want to compost in winter?

Some compost bins are insulated so that composting continues in the winter.

Compare balkonton’s thermally insulated, self-aerating, closed compost barrels here

  • The Aerobin 200 is a closed system where you can collect the moisture. so you can use it on a balcony or roof terrace. An ingenious patented system takes care of the aeration.
  • The Aeroplus 6000 has a unique multi-chamber system that ensures fast composting and ease of operation. The bottom is open. So if you want to use it on the balcony, make sure you have a collection tray.
  • The Supercomp 305 combines a beautiful wooden appearance with an aeration system tested and approved by TU Graz. This compost bin can also be used as a worm bin. Comes with or without bottom plate
  • The Supercomp 350 has the same aeration system as the supercomp 305 but is larger and cheaper. Can also be used as a worm bin. Comes with or without bottom plate.

Take a look at the different compost barrels in the video below.

So the answer is: Yes, composting in the city is possible with the right compost container. If you have little waste, an ordinary worm bin is of course also possible.

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