The 7 most important care tips for compost worms.

  • Compost worms cannot withstand extreme heat. So keep the worm bin out of the sun in the summer.
  • At temperatures below 15 degrees, the worms go into a kind of hibernation. If you want to continue composting, put the worm bin inside or protect it from the cold.
  • Feed your worms uncooked vegetable and fruit waste, except citrus peels, hot peppers and onion.
  • Give one cooked product, fat, or animal waste.
  • Worms love a damp, dark environment. The moisture that is released from the waste is sufficient, but when you receive the worms the soil is quite dry so add some extra moisture in the beginning.
  • Add regularly (after each layer of waste) torn cardboard for a good moisture balance and acidity.
  • In extreme cold, the worms will lay extra eggs so that the colony returns in the spring. But a protection of an old blanket, bubble wrap or large box can not hurt.

You can read much more information about worm composting on the general FAQ page.

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