Worm hotel expo at the Hortus

Wormenhotel bij de Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Wormenhotel bij de Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

This summer you can check out most of Balkonton ‘s worm bins at the Hortus Botanicus store in Amsterdam.

So the worm composter Expo at my home/office in Amsterdam North is temporarily closed. Only if you would like to see the Aerobin or the Wormbag can you do so here in North. To do so, send an email with some options for the desired day/time.

NOTE: Both at the Hortus and at my home there are only show models, with at least one in operation. I have no stock here in Amsterdam. So just order online. Delivery is usually the next day. Except for the wooden worm bins that take about 4 days to arrive.

PS: In the Hortus itself, you will also find a worm crate in use. It is in the back, next to the regular compost pile, near the hives.

Opening hours of the Hortus shop

Address and route Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

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