Reorder plant ring without shipping costs

pink worm box 4 rings with plantsBlack worm box medium with plant ringpink worm box 4 rings with plantsOrange worm box with plant ringblauwe wormenbak 4 compostringen met plantenbak

Around Christmas 2020, the stock of green worm boxes and the stock of plant rings were used up. The new stock is on its way. So fortunately from Monday 18 January the stock is back in order.

Tot 21 februari 2021 kun je een plantenring nabestellen zonder verzendkosten.

If you want to reorder a plant ring, you normally pay shipping costs. When ordering, enter the coupon code:‘Plantjes2021’. Then tick ‘free shipping’ and the shipping costs disappear.

Orders over €50,- remain as always without shipping costs.

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