Can a worm bin stand in the rain?

worm bin in the rain
Can a worm bin stand in the rain?

A worm box that is in the rain can get quite wet. How bad is that? And should you do something about it?

Worms love a humid environment

An occasional shower can’t hurt. Worms deal better with a worm bin that is too wet than with a worm bin that is too dry. But it shouldn’t get too bad. If it gets so wet that the contents of your container no longer get oxygen, it will acidify and smell. You want to prevent that.

Het verschilt per wormenbak of je maatregelen moet nemen bij hevige of langdurige regen

Prolonged heavy rains no problem for these worm bins:

houten wormenbakVertical garden with built-in worm binworm hotel

Fa├žade box

The lid protects the worm bins from the rain. Because the compost compartments are next to instead of on top of each other, the compost is always much drier than in the stacking worm bins.

Balkonton Classic

The Balkonton Classic is relatively narrow and tall. In addition, the soil absorbs a lot of water and of course you have to open the tap. In the Balkonton Classic I have never had any problems due to too much rain. 

Wormery Hotels

With the wormery, the air holes are on the side, so there is less chance of raining in. The holes are fairly large. In case of rain and wind, a lot of water can also enter here. Here you could (temporarily) close the holes on the wind side. For example, with duck tape on the inside of the lid.

With a lot of rain cover these worm boxes, little rain no problem.

Round worm bin

If you use the plant lid, the rain runs very easily into your worm box. Make sure your tap is always open and add enough cardboard. With the rainwater, part of your compost also washes along. You no longer have to dilute this worm tea. If it rains long and heavy, you can temporarily replace the plant lid with the regular lid. There is always a little water coming through. But much less. If it rains really long and hard, you can cover the container. Or waterproof the lid. This can be done, for example, with a drop of sealant on each hole. Then drill on the side, as high as possible in the edge, some small holes. These holes are now reasonably protected because the edge of the lid falls over them. And the air can pass through. The holes don’t have to be super small. 

Unsuitable to leave outside in   case of rain


The lid is designed in such a way that rainwater accumulates in it and collects around the wooden handle and drips from there into the container.

In addition, the legs and handle are made of a type of wood that is not really suitable for outdoor use. A thick layer of paint can help but will certainly not permanently protect the handle. The Urbalive is really especially suitable for indoor use.

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