worm crate

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Beautiful wooden worm crate Supplied ready to go.

This is a simple model that works with horizontal composting for 1-2 person family. Expandable with attachment crate.


worm crate

Wooden Worm crate

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This worm crate is ideal if you are not very handy yourself. Or if you don’t feel like or have time to spend hours doing chores. The worm crate comes (almost) ready-to-use. You just need to secure the legs with the four supplied Phillips screws. In this video, I demonstrate and briefly explain how the worm crate works.

Delivery time 3 to 4 working days via GLS. Should the simultaneously ordered worms arrive earlier you can store them in a cool place.

worm crate suitable for children (max 40 kg). If you reinforce the lid with screws also for adults.

Specific instructions for wooden worm crate


Use with just the base crate

You will soon be placing (and feeding ) the worms in the base crate. Place a layer of damp, torn cardboard or a hemp mat on the bottom of this crate. The worms feel at home in this and are a little less likely to crawl down toward the plastic catch basin.


The compost worms come in an ample amount of compost containing nutrition for the first 2 weeks. Make sure this compost is nice and moist and empty the bag of worms on one side into the container in which you placed the moist torn cardboard.


Cover the top layer of compost with a thin layer of trash and on top of that another layer of torn dry cardboard. Seal this layer of cardboard with a hemp mat or cloth against fruit flies, if necessary.


After a few days, feed your worms again and seal again with some sawdust or cardboard. Gradually you can feed more, depending on temperature and worm population. Above all, do not overfeed the worms in the first weeks! If there is more than 10 cm of undigested waste in the tank you should cut back.


Suppose you start with the worms in the left side of the crate, so at some point you will move more and more towards the still empty right side with your waste. The worms follow the feed. So when your crate is completely full, on the left side will be the compost with some worms left. While on the right side are most of the worms and the still undigested waste.


Remove the digested compost to make room for new waste. This will cause the worms to move back to the left in due course and you can remove the compost on the right. And so you move back and forth through the crate.


Use with base crate and attachment crate

If you have more waste than you can handle this way, you can expand the capacity by adding an additional top-up crate. You put this attachment tray ON the base crate. The lid of the base crate moves up and goes on top of the set-up crate.


Now you can just fill the entire base crate first. Next, fill the set-up crate. When it is completely full empty the base crate. Should there still be a lot of worms in there, you can remove them manually. Or use a colander or strainer to dry the compost. Place this colander in the top of the set-up crate (without the lid). The worms will leave the drying compost and flee downward.

Additional information


Basic worm stool: 30 liters (for 1 to 2 people) With extension: 56 liters (for about 4 people)


PEFC European pine, Autoclave treated with organic salt and suitable for direct contact with moisture. Free of arsenic and chromium. (risk class no. 4 of the EN-335 / 1-2 standard). Exterior side extra protected with water-based chestnut stain. Lined with waterproof geotextile and antimony mesh.

Rain resistance

The wood (durability class 2) may be wet for long periods of time. But when it rains, the inside will become too moist for the worms. So put this worm crate under shelter or indoors.

Collection of worm leachate

Via supplied collection container (plastic)

Country of origin

Spain. For now, the worm crate will be shipped from Spain, so delivery time may be a few days longer than the usual 1 to 2 days.

Simple assembly

The wworm crate is delivered assembled. Screw the 2 support beams/legs under the crate and you're done.

base crate size

52 cm x 32 cm x 33 cm (lxwxh)

size including extension

51 cm x 32 cm x 52 cm (lxwxh)

Placement in sun?

The 2 cm thick, preserved wood is treated with UV resistant glaze stain. Still, it is best not to place the worm stool in direct sunlight. Both for longer life and to keep it from getting too hot. The thermal insulation of this worm crate is better than plastic worm composter, though, so it can tolerate a little sun.

worm crate


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