Mealworm manure

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Throughout the Netherlands, mealworm farms are springing up like mushrooms. Now it turns out that mealworms make beautiful manure. As with worm manure, mealworm manure has a slow release. This means that the mealworm manure does not force itself on the plant, but is available when it is needed. In theory, you can grow a plant in mealworm manure without burning it.

Mealworm manure contains Chitin. Chitin has an antifungal and virus-killing effect.

This makes mealworm manure very suitable to use in the list of worm manure and lava flour.

Handleiding wormcomposteren

Praktische handleiding voor het opstarten en onderhouden van je wormenbak

12 paginas A4. Zwart-wit geprint op papier uit landbouwafval, full colour stevige cover.



Mealworm manure is a natural source of NPK in slowly absorbable form so that burning cannot occur.

N (N) 4.27
P (p205) 2.18
K (k20) 2.75
Dry matter 75 %


Per m2 per year

100 grams – 500 grams 1 m2 Ornamental garden
200 grams – 500 grams 1 m2 Lawn
200 grams – 500 grams 1 m2 Boxwood
200 grams – 500 grams 1 m2 Rose bushes
300 grams – 1000 grams 1 m2 Vegetable garden
100 grams – 500 grams 10 liters Potting soil

For best results, divide the dosage over 1 to 3 doses. In 1 gift is possible there is no combustion.

Additional information

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1 litre, 2.5 litres, 5 litres, 28 litres


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