Planters with water tank

Watering plants: During hot summers it is quite a job. What you also do not always want to bother your neighbors with.

With these planters, you don’t have to worry. They have a water reservoir and a ‘wick’ or hygroscopic wick. The water moves controlled through the wick from the water reservoir to your plants.

So that you can go on holiday, or enjoy your plants.

The railing boxes are suitable for balcony railing up to 55 mm (balcony box) or 65 mm (railing box) mm. Look here for tips for hanging the planters on wider railings or on the wall.

You hang the hanging pot hanging basket on a hook for hanging baskets or something similar.

The irrigation system via wicks is an old and familiar means of watering plants. The advantage is that many plants prefer watering from below.

In addition, with this watering system, air can also reach the bottom and therefore the roots from the side. Plants on your balcony also grow well from that.

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