Manuals, videos, instructions

Manuals, videos, instructions

Worm bins in general

Round worm box on wheels

Video installation round worm bin (on Facebook) NB: in the video I put the worms in the second highest ring, because at the time we sent the worms with a lot of soil. As a result, the compost ring was immediately full. The pdf manual nowadays states that you have to start in the top ring. Both ways are fine.

Wormery worm hotel

Manual Wormery (square black worm box) pdf

Movie wormery


Nederlands (by Balkonton)


Wooden worm crate

Video wooden worm crate. Unpacking, legs underneath and some general start-up tips

Balkonton Classic

Video installation Balkonton Classic

User manual Balkonton Classic

Façade box

Manual Façade box installation

Explanation of operation and use of Gevelbak

Aerobin Hotels

Installation (youtube)