How do you remove the worms from the compost?


If you are ready to harvest the bottom compost ring of your worm bin, most worms will have already migrated to the top bins. After all, that’s where the food is.

You can process the compost with remaining worms and already just in the garden. You can also choose to remove the worms first.

The easiest way to get rid of the worms from the compost is the following:

  1. Place the container with ripe compost (the bin you want to harvest) on top of the worm tower.
  2. Put a bright lamp on it or make sure your worm box is in the sun.
  3. Gently fry through the top layer of compost.
  4. The worms flee down.
  5. Remove the top layer of worm-free compost.
  6. This way you drive the worms further and further down.
  7. They will eventually crawl through the holes in the bottom to the underlying container.

This process is even easier if you first let the container of compost dry out for a few days while it is on top.

Another way to remove the worms from the compost:

  1. Pour the contents of the compost ring with worms and all on an old newspaper
  2. drive the worms to the center by lifting the edges of the newspaper and always removing the compost from the top and side.
  3. The worms will crawl to the inside of the newspaper.
  4. You put the tangle of leftover worms back in the worm bin.

This is also better and easier if you have let the container with compost dry for a few days. For example, you can empty the compost ring in a bucket. Then immediately put the empty ring back into use, and leave the bucket for a while, covered with a cloth.

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