Wormenparadijs 99% circulair

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Wooden worm composter DIY kit made of recycled wood, self-assemble. All parts neatly cut to size. 99% circular design.

For a good start of your worm bin:

  • 2 Hemp mats
  • 20 litres breeding ground for worms
  • 1 litre lava flour
  • 1 kg Worm feed

Please note: the starter pack does NOT contain compost worms.


Activist and designer Jamie collects used wood for you. He cuts out all the necessary parts for this worm paradise for you.

Why would you do odd jobs when you have a ready-made container for the same money? Firstly, because you are of course extra sustainable in this way: You are not only going to convert your GFT into super worm compost. You also use used materials and a minimal amount of plastic. And yes, unfortunately it is more expensive. This is mainly because new virgin materials are actually just too cheap. And because cutting and packaging to size is simply a lot of work.

Furthermore, a wooden container has the advantage over plastic containers that wood breathes and absorbs moisture. As a result, the moisture balance in the tank is regulated in a natural way.

Of course, this large container works best when it is indoors. Then you don’t need a roof (you use that T-shirt for that). If you do put it outside, order the lean-to.

Shipment directly by maker as a large package. Packing and preparing for transport is quite labour-intensive. Hence additional shipping costs. You can also pick up the package directly from the maker in Utrecht.

Please note: this is really a DIY package. Most of the work (devising, drawing and sawing) has already been done. But you must enjoy working with tools yourself and not have two left hands. Do you want a little more convenience and still a wooden worm composter ? Then take a look at the worm stool, which can even be put together with 1 left hand.

Additional information


49 x 49 x 62 cm3

Package contents

The kit consists of the necessary pre-sawn planks, screws, and two pieces of iron mesh. And Indoien ordered a piece of corrugated iron cut to size for the lean-to. You also need a sturdy garbage bag and an old cloth or T-shirt. In the manual it is all clearly explained step by step,


Untreated wood. Tip: give the tank itself a lick of paint. You can paint the lid and bottom with any (water-based) lacquer. It is best to treat the bins containing the worms with a (water-based) stain. So that the wood continues to breathe and continues to contribute to a good moisture balance.

Tools Needed

Cordless drill/screwdriver, saw, tacker or hammer


76 litres, suitable for an average to large family. 2 large containers of 38 liters each


Recycled wood. Treat it with water-based stain to extend its life.


17.5 kg

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Dimensions N/A
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