Worm tower Small – Basic worm bin

This small worm bin on wheels consists of 3 compost rings. The capacity is sufficient for a 1 to 2 person household. You can expand it with up to 3 extra compost rings and/or a plant lid. Count on an extra ring per extra person.

The black worm bin is made entirely of recycled plastic. Make sure that it is always in a shady spot in the summer because the black color warms up quickly.

Do you want to buy a starter kit or not?

If you also order worms immediately, they are in a large amount of growing soil,and there is a small bag of worm food. This allows you to easily start up the worm bin.

Hemp mats can be used as the first bedding / soil for your worms, and as a covering layer against fruit flies. Lava flour or lava grit is good for acidity.

The complete (re)starter package contains 2 hemp mats, i liter lava flour / grit, 1 kg worm feed and 20 liters of growing soil. The starter package is therefore not necessarily necessary, but useful in the longer term. See explanation in description of the starter package



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How does this worm bin work?

The Wormtoren consists of a pile of compost rings, with a collection bin underneath for the released moisture. The compost worms that end up at the bottom of the collection bin can always crawl back up through the specially designed soil.

The top compost ring of the worm hotel can be closed with a plant ring or with a standard lid.

In the compost ring you put special compost worms. The worms feed you uncooked fruit and vegetable residues. The worms also love coffee grounds. Each layer is closed with a layer of torn cardboard. You can immediately order the worms with your worm bin.

When the first compost ring of the worm hotel is full, put an empty ring on top and fill that ring with waste and cardboard. The worms crawl through the holes in the bottom towards the food. If the last ring is full, the contents of the first ring are composted. You empty this ring and put it back on top to refill.

You drain the moisture via a tap. You dilute this ‘worm tea’ with water and give it to your plants.

Download here the complete manual of this worm bin

Additional information


Black, Green, Ivory, Fuchsia


Diameter 47 cm, Height 49 cm, Capacity 48 liter


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