Balkonton Classic 3.2

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The Balkonton is a vertical garden with a diameter of 40 cm, containing a worm compost tube. On an area of less than two pavement tiles, you can grow 10 to 12 plants.

Diameter barrel: 40 cm, height 60 cm.

Capacity ton: 60 litres

Color: Dark green

9 planting holes around 2 to 4 plants at the top.

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Please note: only suitable for small amounts of waste. Think of a handful every few days. Enough to keep your worms alive and your soil healthy.

You can drain the worm tea with the supplied tap.

Make sure you have an increase yourself so that you can easily drain the worm tea. A standard rain barrel base for narrow rain barrel (diameter 40 cm) as in the photo costs about € 25. A stack of bricks also suffices.

Order the compost worms immediately and you will save the shipping costs of the worms. 1/4 kilo is sufficient


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 60 cm



9 plantgaten rondom, ruimte voor 2 tot 4 planten bovenin.


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