Aerobin 200

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The Aerobin can be used both as a worm bin and as a normal compost container.

Sufficient air supply is of vital importance for good and fast composting. At the heart of this compost bin is a so-called patented lung, which ensures that the composted mass is sufficiently aerated. Scooping your compost container is therefore not necessary! If you use it as a worm bin, scooping is out of the question anyway. Worms love peace.

The Aerobin is equipped with a drain point for collecting the compost moisture. You can also use that diluted with water as a fertilizer. Use a piece of garden hose to drain the moisture more easily.

This compost container is double-walled, and equipped with a thermometer. University tests show that the speed and quality of composting is particularly high.

Heat composting (with high temperatures) happens if you build up the compost bin properly in one go. If you give a layer of waste every day, you will get cold composting. In that case, you can also add compost worms for faster composting. Then you use the Aerobin as an insulated worm box.

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Half a kilo of compost worms

Handleiding Wormcomposteren

Praktische handleiding voor het opstarten en onderhouden van je wormenbak

A4 Zwart-wit geprint op papier uit landbouwafval, full colour stevige cover.
Gratis verzenden.

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Additional information


51 x 51 x 117 (l x b x h in cm)


200 liter


2 jaar


polypropyleen + EPS

Collection of compost tea

Via aftapslang in bodem


Bodem is gesloten, dus kan op verhard oppervlak.


Voorzien van 1 compostthermometer met 1 plug/gat. In tegenstelling tot wat in de handleiding staat zit er GEEN extra plug voor een extra tweede gat bij.


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