Help, the top compost ring of my worm bin fills up too quickly

frequently asked questions about compost worms
frequently asked questions about compost worms
There can be several reasons that the upper ring is already full before the bottom ring is composted: From too low temperature to too much waste. Either way, you have an acute problem. What to do? Here you have four options:

4 ways to empty a compost ring

  1. See if the compost in the bottom 2 rings has already shrunk to such an extent that you can combine the contents of these 2 rings.
  2. Remove the largest pieces of undigested waste from the lower ring and put them in the overlying ring. The lower ring now contains mainly compost. This can just be in your garden. Worm compost has a neutral acidity and does not need to ripen. Leftover undigested waste will simply decay into compost in your garden.
  3. Take a tub or bucket and put the entire contents of the bottom ring in it. Leave this container in a quiet place while the worms do their work. By the time (almost) everything has been converted into compost, you can remove the worms.
  4. Order an extra compost ring. Also read the post about how many compost rings you need.
  5. And for the future: see if you can put your compost worms to work harder. You can read all about this in the blog post‘ bin accelerate compost process’.

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